Business and Technical Management Consultancy

Strategy | ‘Essential for deciding new objectives.’

Planning | ‘The essence of developing the paths and routes toward achieving the objectives.’

Project and Programme Management | ‘The management activities needed to follow the optimal route to achieve the objectives.’

Technical Advisory Services 

  • Multi-discipline Project and Design Management
  • Cost Reviews and Evaluations
  • Procurement Advice and Support
  • Technical Assurance Activities
  • System Integration Management Support
  • Project Acceptance, Handover and Operational Readiness Planning and Support

We provide advisory, planning, design and project management services focused on the airport sector. ATC have consultants who have experience of technology design and integration along with experience and expertise in large and small airport projects.

Typically, we work within our clients’ team or project organisation providing the advice, support and where necessary the mentoring to achieve the project objectives and goals of the business


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